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So we open tonight meeting Juan Manuel Cortez, the "most interesting mage in the world." If he turned you into a newt, you'd add it to your resume. If he hexed you cell phone you'd never get it fixed. He once had a spell misfire just to know what Harry felt like... I don't all was cast Evocations, but when I do prefer Dos-Hexes. Stay misty my friends...

So we started off with some of the crew heading "clubbing" to check out Mr Cortez. This meant Jack and Dalia got to make a social combat against Cortez to see if they could draw his entourage and his attention. Jack and Dalia make their way into the club and bribe their way into the VIP lounge. Jack flirts shamelessly with the women, and buys lots of drinks on Socrates' money. Eventually Cortez is impressed enough to sit with them and have a conversation. They find out he's in town because A to Z importers local business is simply going well and he's here to sign a deal with the Sweets company, glad hand some stock holders and basically impress the locals. He invites him back to his suite once the night begins to wind to a close. There Dalia notices a laptop and some other business accessories which seem out of place for a hexing wizard.

Meanwhile Jeptha gets a visitor from the Winter Court. A small critter that looks something like the spider doll thing from "Toy Story's" evil kid next door knocks on his window with a message. It seems Susan's contacts lead her to conclude that neither Winter nor Summer is behind this. Queen Andiais wouldn't have any part of it, and the Summer King is too occupied with his own issues to seek such a power grab. Susan's leads seem to indicate it might be the work of the lesser Autumn Court. The WAHT?!@#! Batman? Cue research montage...

Autumn is the court of fear, decay and darkening lights. But its also a court of harvest and plenty, a shadowy court, half way betwixt summer and winter. Autumn court hasn't been hear from since Samhain was first started. They either died out or went into hiding after their last grab at power failed utterly. If they are on the prowl they are trying to bolster their ranks and bring back their prominence.

Cut to later that afternoon and a meeting with Cortez in his suite. Where we find out that basically he's a dupe or at least being played. After several descriptions of what's happening and a HUGE infodump, Cortez points out that it might be the presence of mages near the candy that is corrupting the Fae magic and creating the Candy Sentinels. Cortez agrees to help J out because while he's got no love for the Council, he does love being the "Rich Swarthy Spanish Merchant" and he can't do that if he's being hunted by them.

We closed with J and Cortez planning on making an insanely powerful ritual spell together - to close all the "Ways" to the NeverNever until they can figure out who the @!$#!$# is trying to take kiddos before the All Hallow's Eve gets here...
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