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OK So we started a new game in my Tuesday night group and well I'm trying to A) record this crap. B) Post more on my LJ.
It's only a transitional game 2-3 sessions to stall while some Real Life(TM) stuff happens to a couple of the players and the next GM in the troupe get's his act together. I love this particular campaign/group of characters. Questor is a fun character, cross the Joker (well not Heath's, more Jack's) with Doc Strange and throw in a little more silliness. The power levels are near Godlike -- 900pt GURPS 4th ed supers will do that. If he wants to do it mostly he can. This is fun thwarting my GM's plans in ways he never thought of. But the four-color power level makes it so it's hard to play for extended periods of time and feel challenged, so I'm glad we're only using it as a transition.

The back story is long, but I provide it here for your amusement and cause my GM went through the trouble of compiling our misadventures. From there I'll lead into what happened last night. But for starters here are the principles:

Current Roster of East Coast Crusaders )

Crusaders Backstory )
…the story continues… )
Ok that's a long one - I'll target Matt's([ profile] innocent_man) meme tomorrow. Too many blogs in one day might make my friends heads a$$plode!


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