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We played nearly back to back this past week due to the Turkey-day festivities. Plus the first session in question we were down a player. So a too long delayed write up that means I'll prolly miss something important.
Still following this? Now we have some REAL conflict! )
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So we open tonight meeting Juan Manuel Cortez, the "most interesting mage in the world." If he turned you into a newt, you'd add it to your resume. If he hexed you cell phone you'd never get it fixed. He once had a spell misfire just to know what Harry felt like... I don't all was cast Evocations, but when I do prefer Dos-Hexes. Stay misty my friends...
Dos Hexes? Really? )
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Thursday night again, and although work is kicking my butt (Never agree to parallel database development as a validation method! It sux!), it was time for Infernal Soil. A bit of a quiet night really, nothing all that strange. Well unless you count fighting Gummy Bear Vol-tron's normal... More behind the cut.
It's ALIVE! Nope they never saw that one coming? )
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Oy! Real Life™ has been getting in the way and now it's getting a little distant from the game - better post a game recap, before we run the next session!

Gives run for your life candy man a new def'n don't it? )
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So when we last left our not so fair band of wacky wanderers, they were left under the city of Cleveland, with a torn and nearly shredded body at their feet, a mildly traumatized, pregnant Potion-o-mancer to be taken back to her loved ones, and a PC missing in action...

Read on, cause Cleveland is Plum magikal I tells ya... )
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So last night was the conclusion of our first story in Infernal Soil, Players are definitely getting a handle on the system, and we were having phun so...

The thrilling conclusion? Or Just the beginning? )
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So last night was the 1st installment of my new Fate Dresden-verse game i'm gonna call "Infernal Soil". Executive summary was that things went over well, I'm more fuzzy on rules than I thought I was, but in all folks had phun so that's the key point. More info behind the cut..

That and $3.50 will get ya a Starbucks )
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OK I'm sure others are posting similar complaints on their blogs today, and I'm occasionally one to beat a dead horse. I mean I don't want to get off on a rant here, but...

Especially when it's like, I dunno one of your major functions for the annual convention. Really I know working with gamers is like herding cats, but what percentage of your customers are IT geeks that are REALLY turned off by things not working smoothly? Folks who then rightly or wrongly think they could do it better and get angered and eventually vote with their feet?
I mean c'mon are they just not willing to spend the cash? Or is it that this is mainly done with volunteer support? What gives. Every year we go through this, every year they promise "We'll fix it next year" and it never does... It should not have taken me 4hrs to try to check out only to have things freeze and make me now scared what happened to my first pass of CC info. It finally did go through, giving me a receipt which I can use to raise hell when things are oversold like I'm betting they will be as a result, but it was just painful.


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