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Thursday night again, and although work is kicking my butt (Never agree to parallel database development as a validation method! It sux!), it was time for Infernal Soil. A bit of a quiet night really, nothing all that strange. Well unless you count fighting Gummy Bear Vol-tron's normal... More behind the cut.

When we left last week Dalia, Jack and Socrates split off from Jeptha and Kelly to go check out the candy store, and probably break in and take all the candies with the NeverNever tendrils. Armed with a pair of "readers" that can see the tendrils without opening the site, they headed off to Sweeties factory. After a couple of recon moves around the place, Dalia followed the tendrils into the green space behind the factory leading to the highway. The tendrils dug right into the ground and looked like any other plant roots. Socrates got the bright idea to start digging to see how deep the roots went. When he got the the root's head, it just kept moving downward like some eerie evil Kudzu bent on finding purchase in the soil. Dalia went all fae and flew up to the roof, Jack and Socrates make a make shift ladder out of pallets and climb up. After several failed attempts to break in (Kelly's really the B&E man), they are a little frustrated.

About this time, J and Kelly arrive noticing them on the roof - they of course go to the main back door. In under 2 seconds Kelly has the lock picked and is inside. J finds the "security room" with any DVR's, and other security equipment and attempts to purposely hex it. DVR's and the like are pretty complex tech, so he should be able to do it no problem. Of course he gets a LEGENDARY success when he needed a mediocre. This has the rough effect of a small EMP going off at Brookpark and Snow roads. All the lights, and electronics for about a mile radius go dead. Well at least they'll have a little time to hunt around and get all the "Dark Candies" gathered up.

They neb around in the factory side and Socrates realizes that there's not the machinery to make "Gummies" here - chocolate, hard candies sure but not gummies. WTF? Dalia checks the shipping manifests and discovers a shipment of gummies from A to Z importers that came in about a week ago. They figure their time is short, J and Jack go looking for keys to the truck in the dock, and Kelly and the others start gathering candy boxen. J tells Kelly to sniff around and see what he can find. Kelly kvetches about the stench, and J's comment is he's "part dog they love interesting scents." Kelly replies "No, I'm part wolf, we're prissy!" Then they hear a ruckus in the Store room area. Dalia with her lightning fast speed, and cat like curiosity is the first inside only to find...

Half a dozen "Gummy constructs" about the size of a black bear. They look all mottled and speckled like they are mad up of mashed together flakes. Then she notices that it's kinda like a "crayon shaving candle" the tiny gummies have glommed together to form these gummie things. Dalia just can't help it she giggles like a school girl laughing at this. THIS is the baddie? A giant gummy bear? Really? The closest one rushes her and takes a swing, but she's faster and punches it in the gut, and aside from splitting a couple of the small ones off the bear appears to be unfazed by the blow. The little ones start cheering on their big brother as it takes a swing it's huge arm stretching out and whipping back like an elastic band. When it hits there's the sting like wet rubber and also a burn of some sort of corrosive. To which Dalia yelps in pain drawing the others post haste.

Kelly rushes in and knocks over the shelving units trying to block off 4 of the others, which promptly split into 2 when cut by the falling shelves. Socrates jumps on the back of one screaming "And I'll form the Head!" J arrives and thinking dried gummies will crumble to dust, sucks the moisture out of all but one of them. and forming it into a large swirling ball of liquid in front of him. The now crystallized gummies resemble more rock candy constructs and start to actually look more menacing. A round of punches, torn candy ears and J turning the ball of water into a spray of ice shotgun pellets, and we get back around to Jack. He sprays the gummies with a fire extinguisher freezing the ones on Dalia solid. One manages a deadly swing on Socrates. Full up, he takes the "mild consequence" of death (remember his powers?) and is dropped in front of everyone's eyes. The shock as he drops is palpable, and Dalia bull rushes the one that hit him into a wall shattering it into millions of tiny crystals. Kelly uses one of the ones on him as a club to smash them both. Dalia pulls the spiked candy arm out of Socrates mouth and he promptly awakes with a gasp and a jolt, sitting bolt upright, completely healthy, but still stunned for his troubles. Golem gummies handled, the gather the boxes of candy up and get them the hell out of the place.

Back at J's, the crew tries to destroy the remnants of the Gummy-Golems. They note that the boxes with the tendrils have other candies, but no gummy ones. "Candy constructs near Beggars Night? Only a Fae could have come up with such a wild plan!" comments J.  All of these candies have the tendrils. Dalia and Socrates try to investigate A to Z imports. The company is a daughter corp to A to Z Technologies, specializing in imports around the globe A to Z tech is a think tank and R&D company that was under IRS scrutiny and whose CEO J knows of. Juan Manuel Cortez is a white court mage specializing in Alchemy and Thalmaturgy that J knows from early in this century. Last he has herd he was living well in Brazil. Dalia finds a Gawker post that Cortez was seen in Cleveland's Lola recently with several very young women on his arms. A photo of he and Michael Simon after some minor frackus is making the internet rounds. Socrates contacts point out to him that he doesn't always stay there but when he does come to Cleveland he prefers to stay at the Ritz Carleton downtown...

We closed with the crew of ICON inc putting on the Ritz to have a little "chat" with Juan Manuel Cortez.


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