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Oy! Real Life™ has been getting in the way and now it's getting a little distant from the game - better post a game recap, before we run the next session!

We open the session with everyone kinda "regrouping" after witnessing the test mouse walk into the NeverNever. Jack had gone home, hoping not to have anymore special dreams of the goblin-man. Dalia and Jeptha were hunkering down and arranging to see J's wife. Socrates and Kelly wanted a beer. the agreement was to deal with some individual shit as it was late and then reconvene at the office in the AM. After they leaves to meet them all at about 8am the phone rings in Jeptha's house to the empty halls. Wonder who that might be?

The call was from the fired department. They arrive at the office only to find their floor cordoned off with the fire marshal there and a wet, smoky mess facing them. The offices appear to have been burned to a cinder. From the look of it, the fire started in the room with the safe and spread out from there. Upon opening the safe they find that the rubber seals aren't melted as the marshal thought but dissolved. Kelly also noticed that the job was done by real rank amateurs, reminded him of something he and his brothers did when they were kids - almost like they were playing with fire and it got away from them. The candies are all hopelessly ruined and destroyed as well as the office.

Jeptha arranged to meet with his wife (a lady in the Winter court, not his beloved late wife), and discuss Queen Andias's involvement in this. Sundown the next day she was to meet him where they wed, on the banks of the Rocky River in the emerald necklace. They headed to  the Sweeties factory, and found nothing much out of the ordinary. Kelly distracted the store staff by asking about the appropriate candies to purchase to apologize for "banging your sister's ex-girlfriend." Jeptha tried to look with the sight at the storefront and figured out that the sight is hard to close and that the candies were drawing power up out of the ground from somewhere.

In the car on the way back to J's place, he started to get injured physically. It seems the candies started to drain his essence when they were in his proximity and strong enough. Half a dozen or so of the "jellies" animated and started to move around the car until they were able to catch and stick them back in the box. After a harrowing ride, they are able to get them to J's where he places them in a circle and watches as the Jellies dissolve into so much ectoplasmic goo.

J wants to go alone to the meeting with his wife, but Socrates doesn't trust her and "Hes buried too many friends" so he makse sure Kelly and a long rifle are along for the ride unknown to J. The meeting bears little fruit, they are cordial and business-like to each other, a marriage of political convince and all. She offeres to look into it in the courts, but doesn't really have anything. Kelly catches a whiff of something predatory approaching form the distance and runs up to find it gone, as the door to the NeverNever opens, her winter wolf sidles up to her, and goes through the gate " You have your pets, and I have mine." is all she leaves J with.  Kelly comments that he's not letting J pet him like that without dinner first.

We open with the other 3 (Dalia, Jack and Socrates) going after the factory in our next exciting chapter - Same bat-channel, same bat-time next week...


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