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We played nearly back to back this past week due to the Turkey-day festivities. Plus the first session in question we were down a player. So a too long delayed write up that means I'll prolly miss something important.

we open the scene with Wade and the others just having finished the battle with the powerful Fae that appears to be some kind of Autumn Queen. Wade takes the time to cover up the circle - he doesn't want anyone to see the giant pentacle from a fly over of his house. Now he has a week and a day to deal with this before the spell will wear out and the Ways are open again. He and his companions are in the house taking care of Cortez and generally cleaning up the mess before anyone shows up to ask questions. And the phone rings. The local Warden for the White council calling. He is trying to inform Wade that the ways have been manipulated, but he of course confesses that he was the one closing them. The Warden is wondering what the #@*$!_$#@(*&! is going on in Cleveland? J admits that he has little choice but would like some time. He's granted 24 hours.

So if Sweeties isn't the one making the candies, then who the blazes is and what can they do about it? Tracking spells are discussed, then other ideas and finally Socrates suggests they check out the address printed on the packing label of the gummy bear bag. (So any search scene is thrown out... that's what I get for bringing props to the table... the addy is right there on the label!) Somewhere in this scene the "Sleeper" first talks to Wade, asking if he wants help with the spell he's casting (he's added sponsored magic you see, and the Sleeper is kinda like the Genius Territorial, Demon-Reach, but less corporeal).

They show up to a small neighborhood factory and do some recon. Basically looks like 3 shifts, mostly normal humans going in and out. They decide to show up late in the 2nd shift to pose as inspectors and shake the place down. Investigating around ensues, and eventually the place is revealed to have a hidden "sub basement" that is concealed via a STRONG glamour. Behind the glamour are several demonic looking imps stirring cauldrons that are bubbling in all colors of the Gummi Bear rainbow. The Supervisor reverts to a demonic form with coal black eyes and small bone horns protruding from his receding hair line.

"Well it's about time you figured it out he says." at which point Socrates draws and fires on him ... And close screen/scroll credits for the first week. My poor players (but not you intrepid readers) had to wait 5 whole days to find out where this was leading...

We open the second session here - with the demon getting shot at. The bullet gets about about 1/2 an inch from Mr. Demon and vaporizes. There is some witty banter, a second shot and eventually parlay occurs. The demon is called El-Joel-EEl-Ret, but you can call him Joel. It seems the the Autumn Queen, Vivian as she is known to him managed to out swindle this swindler and entrap him in a deal he's none too crazy about. Joel wants out, but can't directly act against Vivian. So he's shall we say improvising. He and his imps have been sending the "gummi golem" variant of the candies out for weeks hoping they would draw ICON's attentions. There was a "blazing trail" to their little factory that should have led them right here. "So you sent random attacking constructs out into the public just to garner our attention?" asked Wade. That about summed it up. Wade "summoned" Joel and brought him under his own command with the help of Joel's true name.

As Wade is talking with the troops and asking them to arrange to destroy the factory, Joel makes an offer to assist Kelly in his long road to redemption. "I can make that road shorter," he says. This opens up an excellent scene highlighting the arguments between Wade and Kelly over the amount of enlightenment and assistance Wade is giving Kelly. Joel is about to reveal comments that Wade has made regarding using Kelly, when he is ordered to be silent. Pantomime mockery eventually leads to Kelly breaking the demon's nose, but not before huffs are stormed off in, buildings are destroyed, and a general "We hate it when mom and dad fight!" kind of mood is felt around the group. Enroute to the Rascal House, Socrates points out that it may not seem like much, but he hasn't really turned in anger/unbidden since he's been with Wade didn't help to calm the situation but rather drove Kely to the vamps that he used to work for.

The vamps point out that Vivian is making a play for power in both Fairy and the mortal coil. She's been hiding out and biding her time since a failed attempt a few years ago that NO one in the citu seems to remember. They comment that it's difficult to mess with vamp minds, we're too "set in our ways" Later Wade and Socrates would reflect how to enact a mind f*ck like that one - a whole city forgetting something - would take some MAJOR mojo.

They stake out the Rascal House only to find no one of consequence, just a Summer Court named Lucas working as a bounder for the bar/concert venue that is attached to the pizza shop. He's kinda a quiet guy, reading "Paradise Lost" when she meets him, and he looks for all the world like Hellboy with wings in his true form, not your typical Summer court, at least not what ICON is used to. He tells her that Rascal House is kinda of a Fae safespot in own, like neutral ground, but not part of the accords, and points out the marker - something that looks like one of those pine tree air fresheners to mortal eyes, but has a definitive green glow to Fae vision. He and Dalia head out to check out the Fae hang outs to see if they can find Vivian doing her Diva best out somewhere on the town.


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