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So when we last left our not so fair band of wacky wanderers, they were left under the city of Cleveland, with a torn and nearly shredded body at their feet, a mildly traumatized, pregnant Potion-o-mancer to be taken back to her loved ones, and a PC missing in action...

We'll start with what happened to Dalia. She started off as planned following J's orders to head to Tower city to stake out Eric> She's there about 2-3 hrs early (relative to the events in Chapter 2) and nothing much is really going on. Public square is well, square and public so nothing all to weird is happening. Then about 30 mins into the stake out,  a small Fae comes up to her. He's a smallish man, kinda wild
eyes and hair and is sorta madly giggling all the while he talks to ramble to her... "You're the one - the one who bucks the system aren't ya?" he asks, "Dalia. The courtless Fae... You'll know what to do - you can stop them... They want to waken something... the Sparkly man you'll tell him, and he'll follow. Come with me and I show..."

Following the lil imp he leads Dalia to the candy store in Tower City mall, there's the usual suspects working the counter and nothing seems all that out of the ordinary. Except for the crazy lil dude leading her around. The interesting thing is no one other than Dalia seems to be paying this insane little man any attention. After leading her to the store, he erupts into a fit of mad giggles, and wanders off.

People come in and out of the candy store, buying things and going about their business. Looks pretty normal, and she's fairly certain that she may have just had too little for lunch. Not a big deal this kind of thing happens to the Fae. But then she sees a child coming out of the store and get a flash off of them, just a whiff, a strange scent like leaves rustling through the woods in the fall after a rain. It's so out of place it holds her attention. She follows the child back through Tower City. The whole time kid is nursing a lollypop. She get's "made" and has to chase the boy past the Hard Rock and around the mall to a door back to public square. The boy stops looks back at Dalia waves and taps the door in a weird pattern and goes through. She follows through and winds up in the NeverNever and it's all over grown, wild and kind of
menacing...There's a hedge and it's everywhere taking over the buildings, but it's all craggy and nasty neither Lush and Green or fading with the brilliant fall colors it should be. The Child is gone, and now she's stuck in the hacking her way home which lets the player catch up timeline wise to the rest of the crew.

After the magic  fight at the Cleveland Sewer, the group drags the corpse out of the sewers, calls up a fog to cover their tracks as they head for a rail yard. Kelly still in "Wolf-man" form takes the parts off after dumping the body on the tracks, going off in opposite directions to make it look like animals have taken things to different parts of the woods.They take Diane home to Frank, who gives J a good strong "man of Faith" vibe letting J's fears about them being sufficiently protected be alleviated. J and Jack head out to Edgewater park to call up a diminutive fae. J offers him Pizza, and asks him to find out what he can on Dalia's whereabouts.

Jack (seems we're evolving the name from Back Jurton back to Jack Burton), comes back with the others to J's place for a drink and then wants to head back to his place. They all reconvene and Dalia shows up in J's living room. She explains "where the fuck she's been" in the minimum detail, and explains that she thinks they need to check into the Candy store as a whole tomorrow. And then proceeds to get pissed that J called out GrumblyPuff on her. J offers Jack a job, Socrates begs him to stay - saying this is the most interesting stuff he's seen in since the crusades, Jack figures he's free except for this Job with a Candy deliveries so sure. 

When Jack heads home, he has another strange dream about the goblin man. In it he asks how is first day on the job was. Jack's like - I don't start for you yet, to which the Goblin-Crane suggests he's so adorable. He hopes he'll enjoy his work tomorrow! When Jack wakes up there's an envelope on his belly with about 1 week's pay in cash inside. In the AM he relays some of this to J who goes off the deep end about Jack making deals with goblins and what trouble this might cause. He's convinced Jack has to quit, that is until he realizes that it's for the same candy company they are currently dealing with. 

They all go to the candy store the next day. J opens up the sight and examines the store. He sees roots or tendrils growing out of some of the candies, not all but some. Debate ensues, but they eventually buy out the store, taking all of the candy out of the store, and separating it. Socrates investigates it scientifically and alchemically, discovering that it's normal HFCS + artifical flavorings and just a wee speck of some sort of supernatural blood. Dalia finds out the the candy company has been owned by a Johnathan Crane, who might have some relation the Life Saver's candy since that was created by a Clarence Crane. Jack "knows just the guy" and calls up one of his old teamster buddies, who knew that the company was increasing it's market share and branching out from it's own stores and into local groceries and such.

The big reveal was when J and Socrates watch as the "lab rat" that Socrates feeds the candy to stand up walks sleepy like on its hind legs towards the door of its cage and knocks on the cardinal points of the cage with its forepaw and slips into the Never Never... just like the little boy.

We pick up there next week...


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