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So last night was the conclusion of our first story in Infernal Soil, Players are definitely getting a handle on the system, and we were having phun so...

When we left out fair band, they had just calmed down a rather exasperated wolf-man who was trying to beat the living hell out of some poor annoyed upstairs neighbor. Jeptha had asked Kelly to grab some hairs from the sink trap in Eric's bathroom in the hopes of using them to cast spells on Eric. He also asked Back to call his trucking contacts to see if anyone was delivering anything to Public Square tonight.

Jeptha sent Dalia out to scout out the area and keep an eye out for Eric. Back gets on the phone and contacts Vinny, a stereo typical New Yorker working in Cleveland. After a bit of banter and some revelations about Vinnie's character (or rather lack of character) we learned that shipping into the downtown area was pretty much a dead end - nothing going in tonight and nothing coming out. While this was going on, Kelly went to see his local underworld one of his contacts at Guarino's in little Italy. There the red court vampire Mr. Trivasano runs, a local mafioso as well gave him an audience. Routine denials started the conversation, but once Kelly mentioned Diane and Neutral Grounds - Trivasano took instant interest, his whole demeanor changed and he was very helpful. Triv arranged to have Public Square cleared out tonight - and to keep the "mundanes" out as much as possible.

Jeptha took Back and Socrates to his house on Lake Erie. There he worked some mojo and actually made a Voodoo doll of Eric, with the hopes of keeping him occupied when they actually met up with him finally. The GM must confess here that he is still VERY weak on the Thaumatology rules and probably let Paul get away with murder, but it felt right enough... After an hour or two the others rejoined the crew and they headed out to the War Memorial in Public Square.

Jeptha called Dalia on her phone, but it went straight to VM, he was a little concerned at this (but not too much as the Player was working late and not with us tonight) The group tried to Public Square to meet up with their fairy princess.. When they arrived, they send Back to go find her on Tower City, Jeptha, Kelly and Socrates approached the memorial from the other side. Jeptha urged Back to be discrete on looking for Dalia. Back starts to wander down the street calling her name at the top of his lungs. Kelly notes that the streets are more deserted than they should be. Looks like Triv came through after all.

Back is wandering about trying to find Dalia, and not being subtle about it - despite Jeptha asking him to. Kelly noticed that there was on fewer statue in the monument in Public Square, and that it was making its way toward Back - who was completely unaware of it's presence. Shifting into wolfman form to make for a burst of speed, he launches into the golem, feet first hoping to knock it down, only to fall on his own arse and barely scratch the thing. A rather quick battle ensued, Jeptha calling up the waters from the sewers, making the thing slip and lose its balance, and Kelly finally implaing it on one of the fence posts - with Jeptha crying but that's part of the city's history. They enter the monument's museum and find their way down to the sewers.

The make there way to an under ground cistern from the 20's which has some kind of pier connected. There they see Diane and Eric inside a protective circle which Jeptha knows is optimized for increasing the power of the spell. Jeptha is worried that this young sorcerer will try to sacrifice Diane for some epic power boost, and says to stop him by any means necessary. Kelly takes off for the circle and rams full on into it stopped worse than if he had hit a brick wall. Socrates manages to not run into the wall but tries instead to logic his way into it - Magic is just in the mind he kept saying... I think there fore I am able to do this... but to no avail (yet). Then Back just calmly meanders inside (the only pure mortal you see). Giving him a chance to take a shot at the book in Eric's hands - and of course pissing off the Psychomancer to no end.  Eric turns on Back and tries to control him - who ends up getting "DAZED" as a sever consequence, but shakes him out of his mind. Kelly decides since he can't go over the wall he'll go under. and smashes a hole in the floor. Socrates finally reasons his way past the protection circle (or maybe Eric was distracted enough to let him through Jeptha suggested later, who knows).  Meanwhile Jeptha creates several pretty impressive Water Jet to deal with the the minions Eric called for his protection. In the end, Back succumbs to Eric's manipulations, but Kelly springs up from under the pier to literally tear Eric in HALF (Good lord Claws+Killing Blow+Superb MIGHT is scary!). As they watch the corps of Eric slowly bleed out, and Help Diane to the surface, Jeptha comments that they need to take Eric to the rail yard and leave him on the tracks - to cover up the Magical ritual going on here you see.

Several questions remain; How did Eric come by this ancient Text? What was he planning? Was it all just an attempt to control Diane in a love gone wrong? AND Where did Dalia go?


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