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And now the conclusion of our transition chronicle...

So we open the scene exactly where we left it. Sorcerer Blue lecturing the Crusaders East and West about the importance of having "The Supreme." Titannos has decided that well, Questor wasn't really human after all and he didn't really like him so we'll leave him behind. The rest of the team really wasn't in favor of that, and the usual arguments with Titannos ensued. Then a ripple in reality occurred, like the bendy effect in the Matrix movies. Reality literally kinda folded back around to reveal someone. When it was done, there stood Questor, but he was dressed like a ninja, toting an arsenal of weapons and holding a Quarterstaff.

Some scrutiny from the gathered and it was determined that this was an "Alternate" Questor (now played by me). Ninja-Questor came from an alternate timeline, far far in the future. So long in the future that his memories of the "Enforcers" (his realities Crusaders) are a little fuzzy. He long ago was stripped of his magical abilities. He filled in the party that Questor had been taken by the Gith, and they wanted him to be the focus to destroy the Mind-Flayers. Ninja-Questor claims that if he can stop the process, he won't lose his magical talents and things from his past won't be so horribly bad.

Sorcerer Blue kept saying in his eerie unearthly voice, this was not "the Supreme" Titannos suggested well now we have an Elf, we can go home. He might not be the supreme but he was always more of a meat lovers kinda guy anyways. After more debate, Blue was convinced that he could use the connection between this Questor and his other self to find our intrepid hero.

Now what the team did not know is that in my Ninja-Questor back story he was told that he was sent here to make sure that the the Illithid bomb went off. If he didn't his timeline would never get created. It also served to reunify the splintered Questors, stabilizing the Multiverse. (Holy Comic-booky, Batman!).

Sorcerer blue took the group into the astral. Some minor infighting occurred as Ninja-Questor tried to bring Titannos into line with the plan, shut him up and generally move things along. Then the Gith attacked. Titannos launched himself through the bottom of thier ship, and managed to knock most of the Gith off the ship using the vessel's stone mast as a massive club. Meanwhile the rest mopped the floor with the ones he missed. Ninja-Questor managed to get a hold of one of their quicksilver looking blades. The Crusaders boarded the vessel. Blue guided it and them to the citadel holding their Questor.

The Lich queen was ready for this, and set up a massive barrier using the Gith's collective minds to power it. As they approached they witnessed the massive egg with swirling green anti-life within it. Titannos hurled the mast at her as she was "monologuing" hoping to get in a lucky shot. The stone just slowly disintegrated as it hit the barrier. "It's a mind shield, I cannot break it," Explained Blue, "it will take an impossible shot." Fortunately Chance is well, lucky. Ninja-Questor handed him the quicksilver blade. "Use this. Warrior, you and Warp best run and pull my counterpart off that thing. It CAN'T explode as long as he's not on it. They'll likely have told him lies as to how it works, so trust me you need to pull him off it!" (Earning a typical glare and a "You're a bad bad man" from my GM that I was particularly proud of...)

The shot taken, the queen distracted, the barrier falls, and Warp rushes to Questor and starts -against his wishes to pull him off the egg. Questor is unable to cast anything outside the null magic bubble he and the egg were encased in. The act of separating him would activate the bomb by allowing his magic to come in contact with the egg. The Gith KNEW that his team would come to rescue him, and figured they tould turn it to their advantage. They had rigged it so the act of removing him ignited the explosion. Not able to dissuade his companions, Mage-Questor did the only thing he could thing of - he altered the fluid to something that destroyed himself. Mage-Questor was, of course safe and sound inside a nice anti-magic bubble as the now purple liquid exploded out into the multiverse. The gathered see as many ghostly images of the "Supreme" began to flow into his body. The "Supreme" was once again unique in the multiverse.

With that, the next panel pops The Crusaders back on the island, with nothing all that different from when they left.


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