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Well well well my pretties... they finally got into it with ze Big Bad... All went pretty well well until they tried to close the gates...Players being players however never cease to amuse me. My biggest amusement is behind the cut.

We open the scene with Dalia trying to force feed Jack some warm milk in Jeptha's spare bedroom wing #2. See she wants Jack to hit the sack to see if he'll dream of the goblin man again. Jack of course just wants to go home and drop these guys like yesterday's news. But now he's kinda hooked and he can't leave things hanging and there were those Gummy Golems and all... So with out any more complicated mind altering drugs than a fru-fru beer (Jeptha only had Great Lakes in the fridge), Jack zones out...

...And is suddenly awake driving down a long lonely stretch of road. The horizon is far out of site and all he can see is the vanishing point of a long an lonely road. Think Rt 66 in the dessert kinda thing. The little man is seated next to him. Jack starts off to play it of like he's not sure he's dreaming. The man drops the pretense right off the bat and and comments on his persistence, wondering what he wants. Jack want to know what he wants with the kiddos and why there's Gummy Voltron Men coming around hitting him? The man notes that he doesn't want the kiddos he want's that stopped. He only wanted to "steer Jack to the right path" and then he "wasn't ready to hear what he had to say." So he used the "job offer" as a pretext to nudge his ship in the right direction. Jack wanted to know who he was and he says well my name is Shamsiel, which Jack (and I) later muck up as Samael, but you can call him "Sam." Jack want to know why he doesn't just stop things - and Sam says "Well one side has to follow The Rules™, and it certainly won't be them!" So Sam could only nudge, and guide but not directly intervene...

Meanwhile while all that dreaming is happening, Socrates is trying to reenact the Gummy Golem with JuJu Babies (Yes I have insane players). He gets what he thinks is the correct concoction and then calls up Diane to see if she can help him with some of the finer potion aspects. She tells him that what he's describing would need some sort of direct link to mojo, not like the tendrils he was describing but some direct drain of will or something to awaken it. Why you mean perhaps like a large battle going on beneath Public square?. Socrates then places his "creation" outside J's door and hears an agonized cry, as the lil JuJu monstrosity comes to life!!

Kelly follows Cortez and discovers that much to his surprise he's on the up and up...he really is getting parts for the spell. Maybe not everyone is out to get them after all.. The general wackiness over and the preparations set, J takes the gang outside to his lakefront and begins the spell to seal the ways between the NeverNever and our world for a week and a day, hopefully buying them the time they need to stop the kiddos from being kiddo-napped. AS the ritual begins a woman with Flaming Hair (not red hair FIRE for hair) appears along with 2 demonic looking critters she calls "Fluffy" and "Sparky" and several goblin creations. Fluffy is a 12 foot high, Satyr looking like Tim Curry from legend with a morphing Warhammer/Mace/Club/Truncheon thing (cause I couldn't use the same descriptor for it twice without being corrected). Sparky was a being of pure energy that looked like a sparking lightening bolt swirling about a ball of fire in the shape of a man-thing. She opens with "WELL now I CAN'T have you doing that. That will just spoil all my plans. Fluffy, Sparky... stop them now..." J notices her necklace as an item denoting Fae royalty but it's not the Winter queen not the Summer King, so who is she? With that the epic combat ensued. Opening salvo being Cortez catching a Warhammer golf swing to the solar plexus and sending him into next week. Of note was Dalia realizing she's faster than greased gossip, J binding the Fae bitch and her sparky mate in a prison of molded water,  and Socrates deciding he might have to try a big kaboom jacket tactic next time cause "what's it gonna do Kill me?" After a good long while of nickle and dime-ing Fluffy physically, Dalia tries a glamor to make her look like the Fae bitch and says to it "We've got this. Go Home. Now!" and the party learned a valuable lesson: Big on Brawn is usually LOW on Brains and social skills. The Will based attack beat Fluffy down instantly and he wandered off presumably back to one of the 9 hells.

With that mess cleaned up, Cortez in traction, but healing. J finished his spell to close the ways, and we close part one of Infernal Soil. And ya know what is the MOST entertaining to this your (not so frigging) humble Chronicler? No one. Not one soul thought to ask a pretty key question. Her NAME. So we're left wondering who she was...

A two week hiatus here now since I'm tied up next week, but stay tuned for more to come...


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